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Chez Anas Resto Café
552, rue de l'Église
Montreal, H4G 2M4  Map   restaurants near De L De L'Église
International, Fusion, Creative, Wild Game
Umi Sushi
38, Place du Commerce (suite 109)
Montreal, H3E 1T8  Map
Sushi, Japanese
Château Blanc
3969, boul. Lasalle
Montreal, H4G 2A1  Map   restaurants near De L De L'Église
Breakfast, Grill, Seafood/Fish
 $, $$
5917, boul. Monk
Montreal, H4E 3H5  Map   restaurants near Monk Monk
Pizzeria (Pizza), Rotisserie, BBQ, Sandwiches
Salads, Poutine
3629, rue Wellington
Montreal, H4G 1T9  Map   restaurants near De L De L'Église
Market, French
 $$, $$$
La Griglia D'Oro
7681, boul. Newman
Montreal, H8N 1X7  Map   restaurants near Angrignon Angrignon
Steakhouse, Seafood/Fish, Mediterranean, Grill
4123, rue de Verdun
Montreal, H4G 1L2  Map   restaurants near De L De L'Église
Persian, Iranian, Grill, Middle Eastern
Vegetarian, Healthy
Bocci Resto - Cafe
1756, ave. Dollard
Montreal, H8N 1T8  Map
Italian, Café, Bistro, Comfort Food
Salads, Grill
 $, $$
7660, boul. Newman
Montreal, H8N 1X8  Map   restaurants near Angrignon Angrignon
Asian, Japanese, Sushi, Fusion
 $, $$
Byla Byla
1395, ave. Dollard
Montreal, H8N 1T3  Map   restaurants near Angrignon Angrignon
Mediterranean, Grill, Breakfast, Comfort Food
Healthy, Seafood/Fish
 $, $$
5145, rue Wellington
Montreal, H4G 1Y2  Map   restaurants near De L De L'Église
Turkish, Mediterranean, Grill, Middle Eastern
Nouveau Delhi Express
3876, rue Wellington
Montreal, H4G 1V2  Map   restaurants near De L De L'Église
Indian, Vegetarian
 $, $$
Jasmine Garden
1400, ave. Dollard
Montreal, H8N 1T4  Map   restaurants near La Salle La Salle
Time Pizza
3681, rue Wellington
Montreal, H4G 1V1  Map   restaurants near La Salle La Salle
Pizzeria (Pizza), Burgers
Almondo Pizzeria
7695, rue Centrale
Montreal, H8P 1L7  Map
Pizzeria (Pizza)
Jah B
9550, rue Jean-Milot
Montreal, H8R 1X7  Map
Dragon de Chine
4596, rue De Verdun
Montreal, H4G 1M3  Map   restaurants near Verdun Verdun
5300, rue de Verdun
Montreal, H4H 1K4  Map   restaurants near Verdun Verdun
Breakfast, Desserts & Sweets, Sandwiches
Plâts De Pates Hong Mère
3795, rue Wellington
Montreal, H4G 3M6  Map
Manzo Pizzéria
1033, 90E ave.
Montreal, H8R 3A4  Map   restaurants near Angrignon Angrignon
Pizzeria (Pizza), Deli
Sushi Time
4534, rue Wellington
Montreal, H4G 1W7  Map   restaurants near De L De L'Église
Chez Lien
8171, boul. Newman
Montreal, H8N1Y1  Map
Vietnamese, Asian
Woodland Pizza
5443, rue Wellington
Montreal, H4H 1N4  Map   restaurants near De L De L'Église
Pizzeria (Pizza), Canadian
7401, boul. Newman
Montreal, H8N 1X3  Map   restaurants near Angrignon Angrignon
Blackstrap BBQ
4436, rue Wellington
Montreal, H4G 1W5  Map   restaurants near Verdun Verdun
Smokehouse, BBQ, Poutine
Frejus St Raphael Café
5810, rue de Verdun
Montreal, H4H 1L9  Map   restaurants near La Salle La Salle
Café, Breakfast
Villa Wellington
4701, rue Wellington
Montreal, H4G 1X2  Map   restaurants near De L De L'Église
Peruvian, International, Latin American
3872, rue Wellington
Montreal, H4G 1V2  Map
Japanese, Sushi
Le Pied-A-Terre
Sorry, the restaurant at this address is closed.
3000, boul. René-Lévesque #110
Montreal, H3E 1T9  Map
Arahova Souvlaki
8051, boul. Newman
Montreal, H8N 2N9  Map
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5917, boul. Monk
Château Blanc
3969, boul. Lasalle
Umi Sushi
38, Place du Commerce (suite 10...
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