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Neighbourhood/District: Le Plateau-Mont-Royal
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La Petite Mangue
300, ave. du Mont-Royal E
Montreal, H2T 1P7  Map   restaurants near Mont-Royal Mont-Royal
Cambodian, Asian, Fusion
 $, $$
Sabor Latino
4387, boul. St-Laurent
Montreal, H2W 1Z8  Map   restaurants near Mont-Royal Mont-Royal
Latin American, Colombian, Mexican, Salvadorian
Eva Resto Lounge
73, rue Prince-Arthur E
Montreal, H2X 1B4  Map   restaurants near Saint-Laurent Saint-Laurent
Creative, Fusion, Italian, Pasta
Tablée Vin
1385, rue Ontario E
Montreal, H2L 1S2  Map   restaurants near Beaudry Beaudry
French, Pizzeria (Pizza), Wild Game
4593, rue St-Denis
Montreal, H2J 2L4  Map   restaurants near Mont-Royal Mont-Royal
Japanese, Asian, Chinese
2070, rue St-Denis
Montreal, H2X 3K8  Map   restaurants near Berri-UQAM Berri-UQAM
French, Bistro
Les 2 Fleurons
4110, rue St Denis
Montreal, H2W 2M5  Map   restaurants near Mont-Royal Mont-Royal
French, Bistro
 $, $$
Dans la bouche
2000, ave. du Mont-Royal E
Montreal, H2H 1J6  Map   restaurants near Mont-Royal Mont-Royal
Grill, Breakfast, Tapas, Steakhouse
Seafood/Fish, Salads
 $$, $$$
3922, rue St-Denis
Montreal, H2W 2M2  Map   restaurants near Sherbrooke Sherbrooke
Greek, Desserts & Sweets, Café
88, ave. Bernard O
Montreal, H2T 2J8  Map   restaurants near Rosemont Rosemont
Thai, Asian
Steak Frites St-Paul
4167, rue St-Denis
Montreal, H2W 2M7  Map   restaurants near Mont-Royal Mont-Royal
Steakhouse, French, Bistro, Tapas
 $$, $$$
929, ave. Mont-Royal E.
Montreal, H2J 1X3  Map   restaurants near Mont-Royal Mont-Royal
Italian, Mediterranean
Le Bleu Raisin
5237, rue St-Denis
Montreal, H2J 2M1  Map   restaurants near Laurier Laurier
French, Regional, Market
Casa Minhota
3959, boul. St-Laurent
Montreal, H2W 1Y4  Map   restaurants near Sherbrooke Sherbrooke
Portuguese, Seafood/Fish, Tapas
 $$, $$$
3490, ave. du parc
Montreal, H2X 2H5  Map   restaurants near Place-des-Arts Place-des-Arts
Indian, Pakistani, Halal
112, ave. Bernard O
Montreal, H2T 2K1  Map   restaurants near Rosemont Rosemont
Tapas, Mediterranean, International, Fusion
Grill, Seafood/Fish
408, rue Gilford
Montreal, H2J 2L6  Map   restaurants near Laurier Laurier
Burgers, Tapas, Mediterranean, American
Bistro, Fusion, Vegetarian
 $, $$
Smile Grill & Café
5486, boul. St-Laurent
Montreal, H2T 1S1  Map   restaurants near Rosemont Rosemont
Portuguese, Grill, Tapas, BBQ
Rotisserie, Sandwiches, Breakfast
4801, rue St-Denis
Montreal, H2J 2L7  Map   restaurants near Laurier Laurier
Pizzeria (Pizza), Italian, Pasta
3425A, rue St-Denis
Montreal, H2X 3L1  Map   restaurants near Sherbrooke Sherbrooke
International, Fusion, Brazilian, Grill
Seafood/Fish, Contemporary/Modern, Creative, Latin American
 $$, $$$
Jaipur Tandoori
1227, ave. du Mont-Royal E
Montreal, H2J 1Y2  Map   restaurants near Mont-Royal Mont-Royal
4177, rue St-Denis
Montreal, H2W 2M5  Map   restaurants near Mont-Royal Mont-Royal
Regional, Burgers, Grill, Comfort Food
 $$, $$$
Le Square
162, rue Prince-Arthur E
Montreal, H2X 1B7  Map   restaurants near Sherbrooke Sherbrooke
French, Market
 $$, $$$
1250, ave. du Mont-Royal E
Montreal, H2J 1Y3  Map   restaurants near Mont-Royal Mont-Royal
Pizzeria (Pizza), Pasta
Au Coin Berbere Couscous Montreal
73, ave. Duluth E
Montreal, H2W 1G9  Map   restaurants near Sherbrooke Sherbrooke
Algerian, Mediterranean
1995, rue Masson
Montreal, H2H 1A5  Map   restaurants near Laurier Laurier
Market, Creative, Bistro, Café
Sandwiches, Salads
 $, $$
St-Viateur Bagel & Café
1127, ave. du Mont-Royal E
Montreal, H2G 1X9  Map   restaurants near Mont-Royal Mont-Royal
Bagels, Café, Sandwiches, Breakfast
Les Infidèles
771, rue Rachel E.
Montreal, H2J 2H4  Map   restaurants near Mont-Royal Mont-Royal
French, Regional, Market
3887, rue St-Denis
Montreal, H2W 2M4  Map   restaurants near Sherbrooke Sherbrooke
Cartel Street Food Bar
101, ave. Fairmount O
Montreal, H2T 2M4  Map   restaurants near Laurier Laurier
Asian, Chinese, Mexican, Tapas
 $, $$
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Bistro Tôt ou Tard
1030, rue Cherrier
Le Plateau-Mont-Royal
Pizzeria Moteur
5100, rue Hutchison
3887, rue St-Denis
Le Plateau-Mont-Royal
Cartel Street Food Bar
101, ave. Fairmount O
3435, boul. St-Laurent
Boul. St-Laurent/Main
Restaurant Mysore
4216, boul. St-Laurent
1365, rue Ontario E
The Village/Centre-Sud
Smile Grill & Café
5486, boul. St-Laurent
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